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Machane Yehuda Market Jerusalem

A Foodie Tour of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market

calendar 24/01/19
people By Shai Navon
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Jerusalem’s outdoor Mahane Yehuda Market has long been renowned for its fresh produce, vibrant vendors and exuberant environment. Discover the best Machane Yehuda spots for foodies from around the world.
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5 “Blue and White” Products You Will Want to Buy

calendar 16/07/18
people By Shai Navon
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Shopaholics, unite! Touring a new country means seeing new sights, tasting local treats and yes, buying many a souvenir.
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Israeli Foods

Best Israeli Street Foods

calendar 05/06/18
people By gordontours
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Hello wandering foodies! This one’s for you. When traveling to a new country, it’s always great to check out and try out local treats and delicates, and Israeli street food is…
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