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Best Israeli Street Foods

Icon June 5, 2018
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Hello wandering foodies! This one’s for you. When traveling to a new country, it’s always great to check out and try out local treats and delicates, and Israeli street food is no exception. In Israel, street food is readily available and perfectly integrates warm, hearty, comforting Middle Eastern cuisine with convenient treats that satisfy your appetite while on the go. From the bustling city marketplaces to commercial district street corners and even off-the-road stands, Israeli street food is everywhere. And that really makes us happy.

Here are some of the best Israeli street foods you should definitely try while visiting Israel:



Falafel is Israel’s top street food and national dish. You can find falafel shops on practically every street corner and there will be multiple falafel stands at any given local marketplace. Typically stuffed into pita bread alongside a large dollop of hummus, tahini, pickled, freshly diced “Israeli salad” and your pick of other dressed veggies, you can even have your portion of French fries stuffed inside for extra convenience. If you have the chance to eat just one dish while in Israel, this filling, easy-to-handle and inexpensive dish is it.

For a traditional falafel, head to Melech Hafalafel in Jerusalem. For a trendier spin, check out Falafel Shop in Ra’anana.



Shakshuka, a dish made of poached eggs in flavored tomato sauce, is an Israeli delicacy and the ultimate comfort food after a long day under the hot, Israeli sun. This one-pot wonder can be hot and spicy – served with onions and chilies, or bright and refreshing – made with loads of green vegetables, herbs and cream. Every shakshuka stall or restaurant dish will taste a little different, but they all warm the heart and fill the belly on a budget.

Check out Shakshukia in Tel Aviv for hundreds of different shakshuka options, or Hasaluf, also located in Tel Aviv.

Bourekas and Rugelach


Salty or sweet, you’re going to want to grab one – or many – filled doughy baked goods while visiting Israel. With fillings like potato, mushroom, cheese, chocolate, halva, cinnamon, apple and more, your greatest challenge will be deciding which bourekas or rugelach to buy and which to leave in the display case.

Marzipan in Jerusalem is a fan favorite, thanks to their baked goods’ gooey batter. Another fun option is Shiffon, a chain bakery with branches in Jerusalem, the Binyamin Region and Ariel. They keep their bourekas and rugelach on warming trays – so good!

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Another popular and extremely hearty Israeli street food, sabich is pita stuffed with deep-fried eggplant, potatoes, hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, onions, parsley and tahini. Often topped with ambah, an Indian mango pickle, this dish is perfect for the more adventurous street food lovers out there.

For a modern sabich experience, head to HaKosem in Tel Aviv. For a healthier spin on the traditional sandwich, check out Mifgash HaOsher, also in Tel Aviv.

Cold drinks


Israel is hot. Luckily, there are plenty of cold drinks for sale, pretty much everywhere you go, from blended iced coffees (same consistency as slurpees) to a wide variety of fruit, vegetable and yogurt-based smoothies, when in Israel you can quench your thirst – and sometimes your appetite – with ease.

You can find iced coffee at convenience stores, gas stations and restaurants. Freshop makes the most amazing smoothies and has tens of branches nationwide.

If you’re a foodie, or if you like the convenience of food on the go, next time you visit Israel be sure to try these great Israeli street foods. Your appetite – and your wallet – will thank you.

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