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shekelsIsrael hosts leading Blockchain summit

The past year has been one of tremendous growth for Israel’s start-up nation, with Blockchain technology becoming a key player in the country’s innovative developments. Last month, Israel hosted a Blockchain summit, attended by over 500 industry professionals from Israel and abroad, confirming the country’s position as a significant tech leader.

Ancient inscription discovered in Israel

The first full spelling of “Jerusalem” on a stone was uncovered by archaeologists during an excavation in the area of Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, known as Binyanei Ha’Uma. Written in Aramaic, the etching is yet another proof of writing “innovation” from the 1st century. Visit it and other ancient innovations at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum today!


Israel NewsThe Feast of Tabernacles

Feast your eyes on this one! The prophet Zechariah once foretold of a time where all nations would ascend to Israel each year – and during the annual Feast of the Tabernacles, thousands of Christian pilgrims from all over the world do just that. Not only does the event create a hub of spirituality, but it also funnels approximately 15 – 20 million dollars into the Israeli economy every year.

Israel NewsWorld’s oldest brewery discovered in Israel

The Carmel region is known for its excellent wines, but new archeological findings indicate that the tradition of winemaking may go back even farther than previously believed. Researchers from the Universities of Haifa and Stanford discovered the world’s oldest brewery – 13,000 years old to be exact, in the Carmel’s Rakefet Cave. The researchers found starch grains stored in mortars. The grains have undergone morphological changes that correspond to the process of fermentation. Now that’s a discovery worth raising your glass in celebration for!

Ben GurionRecord traffic at Ben Gurion International Airport

If you’re looking to travel to Israel, you’re not alone. August saw a record number of arrivals and departures from Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. 2.7 million people made their way through the airport’s gates, up 10 percent from the corresponding period last year. Authorities believe the trend continued throughout the High Holidays in September. Sounds like now is a great time to book your next Israel adventure, while the country’s tourism industry continues to boom!

Israel TrainIsrael’s new fast train is on the move

Want to experience Israel’s most exciting attractions, but don’t want to spend time sitting in traffic? Israel’s new fast train from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv is nearing completion, with service between Jerusalem and Ben Gurion Airport already up and running. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Transportation Minister Israel Katz called the inauguration of the “King David Line,” a “historic moment.”


Jerusalem ChurchesEntrance gate to the ancient city of Bethsaida found 

Israel is teeming with biblical history and the country’s skilled archaeologists have discovered yet another piece of the historical puzzle in the ruins of the Golan Heights. The entrance gate to the ancient city of Zer, known as Bethsaida in the New Testament, was found by a team of 20 archaeologists, working in conjunction with Hebrew Union College. Associated with the 12 Tribes of Israel, the gate, one of few built in those time, is evidence that the region was correctly identified by historians over the years.

Caesarea PortModern and Ancient intertwine at Caesarea Port

Caesarea Port – the next great tourist destination? Caesarea Port is undergoing a revolutionary facelift. Forget the existing 3,000 seat amphitheater. Soon, you’ll be able to sit amind 25,000 excited others and surrounded by 95 percent of the ancient city’s uncovered ruins, excavated taking extreme precautions to maintain historical and archaeological standards. Imagine taking in an amazing concert at the Acropolis, only surrounded by biblically significant findings. It’ll be THAT amazing.

Sea of GalileeIncredible discovery by the Sea of Galilee

Sweet Jesus! A 300-pound basalt block found in the ruins of an Ottoman-era house blown up during an IDF operation may in fact be a reliquary housing the remains of Jesus’ Apostles; Peter, Philip and Andrew. This finding may indeed further prove that the Apostles once lived on the northern Shore of the Sea of Galilee. History and sea fun under the Israeli sun – sounds like an Israel tour is in order!

Jerusalem ChurchesTerra Sancta Museum reopens in Jerusalem

He is resurrected! The Franciscans have reopened a museum dedicated to the life and times of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem’s Old City. Aptly named the Terra Sancta Museum, the museum houses new, modern exhibits that shine a positive light on Jesus Christ and his teachings, in a way the museum’s former exhibits could not, 100 years ago.

Jerusalem ChurchesEilat’s new Ramon International Airport

Up, up and away! Eilat’s new Ramon International Airport is positioned to open Israel’s southernmost city to global travel. Instead of having to make multiple connecting flights to reach Eilat from various local and international destinations, travelers will be able to book direct flights from many global airports. Your Eilat vacation is just a single booking and flight away!


Ancient DiscoveryAncient jewelry discovered near Jerusalem’s old city

Luck be a lady in Hellenistic times! Or, at least the lady who once owned the ancient golden hoop earring recently discovered in near Jerusalem’s Old City walls. Estimated to be over 1,000 years old and likely worn by a woman active in high society, the ornately designed earring portrays a horned beast unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. The earring will be displayed alongside other archaeological gems at the City of David’s annual archaeological conference, this coming September.

USA and IsraelUs and Israel announce investment arrangements

If you’re looking to invest overseas, this one’s for you! Israel and the US have agreed on a bilateral arrangement to allow potential investors to visit each others’ countries to determine whether local entrepreneurial projects are worthy of their funding. US E-2 visas will allow Israeli investors to enter the US, while Israeli B-5 visas will grant American investors access into the Holy Land.

Jews in IsraelIsrael’s Jewish population outgrows that of the US

The country’s Central Bureau of Statistics reports that just under one million tourists flocked to Israel between January and March For the first time: Israel is officially home to more Jews than America! While the US Jewish population reportedly peaked in the last twenty to thirty years before beginning to decline, Israel’s Jewish population is steadily on the rise and now stands at roughly 6.6 million men, women, and children. A true “ingathering of the exiles!”.of 2018 – a 30 percent increase when compared to the same period last year. That means more dollars are injected into Israel’s economy, which, in turn, means more funds available for creating and maintaining Israel’s many tourist, cultural and historical attractions.

ZerArcheologists discover biblical gate to Bethsaida

Never been to Zer? Well, now you can! Archaeologists excavating in the Golan Heights recently uncovered the entry gate to the ancient city of Zer, later known as Bethsaida, where Jesus miraculously fed many people with five loaves and two fish. Since its discovery, the site has been visited by masses of Christian pilgrims. Sounds like it’s time you took a trip to Northern Israel’s newest ancient find.

JULY 2018

IsraelIsraeli Tourism Is On The Rise

The country’s Central Bureau of Statistics reports that just under one million tourists flocked to Israel between January and March of 2018 – a 30 percent increase when compared to the same period last year. That means more dollars are injected into Israel’s economy, which, in turn, means more funds available for creating and maintaining Israel’s many tourist, cultural and historical attractions.

JesusWalking In The Footsteps Of Jesus

Want to walk in the footsteps of Jesus? At the new Franciscan Museum, you can get an up close and personal look at how Jesus lived and coins, ceramics and other artifacts commonly found during his lifetime. Mundane objects and unique treasures come together to bring the New Testament to life. This is one museum you will definitely want to visit.

JUNE 2018

Prince William VisitPrince William Visits Israel

Britain’s Prince William paid a historic visit to Israel, during which, the second in line to the throne visited the British Embassy in Tel Aviv, he strolled with Eurovision winner Netta and proclaimed that his home country’s ties with Israel are stronger than ever. Are Israeli-British interests aligning? Could greater change be just around the corner? Regardless of plans for future endeavors between the two countries, this landmark visit highlights the commonalities between “two open societies thriving on innovation, diversity, talent, and excellence.”

Thailand RescueIsraeli technology helps to save lives in Thailand

Israeli innovation saves the day once again, this time in Thailand! Cutting-edge Israeli technology, including the patented Max-Mesh mobile professional radio, has been instrumental in locating members of a Thai soccer team that were trapped in a partially flooded cave for weeks. The device enables mission-critical radio communication in the absence of physical infrastructure. We are so proud of everyone who participated in this breathtaking rescue.

MAY 2018

Israel Museum3,000-year-old sculpture discovery

The finding of a 3,000-year-old sculpture of what seems to be a king’s head is the source of much excitement and fanfare in Israel. However, the identity of Old-Testament Era monarch however, remains an enigma to archaeologists and historians alike. The sculpture has been put on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem – a must visit sight on your next Israel trip.

innovationNew Volkswagen innovation center in Tel-Aviv

Volkswagen has opened an innovation center – in the heart of Tel Aviv. The new campus will be a co-working space called Konnect and will be a hub for local partners and mobility-based startups seeking business collaborations, support and consulting.

APRIL 2018

Neve TsedekIsrael’s newest richest citizen

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the owner of the famous Chelsea Football Club, recently immigrated to Israel, becoming the country’s richest citizen and moving into a luxurious home, purchased from Israel’s Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot! The house is located in Neve Tzedek, one of Tel Aviv’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

EmbassyUS Embassy opens in Jerusalem

Experience history in the making: As three months of security preparations came to a head, the U.S. embassy’s Jerusalem location was finally inaugurated, hailing a new era in US-Israeli relations. Sounds like a great time to visit Israel’s capital, don’t you think?

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