Why Israel

Why Visit Israel

Religious Experience
Jerusalem is home to many sites of religious significance and pilgrimage. These include the Temple Mount, the Western (Wailing) Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. But regardless of one’s religious views and the connections many feel when visiting the Holy Land, the overriding spiritual energy of Jerusalem is something unique. Wandering through a city that is a mixture of old and new buildings, and a population that is extremely diverse, is an experience no-one should miss.
Delicious Cuisine
Its not called the Land of Milk and Honey for nothing! Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and agricultural ingenuity, Israel is home to an astonishing array of produce. From farms in the Golan and Galilee to the Negev and Arava, all kinds of fruit and vegetables find their way daily to local markets that are popular with locals and tourists alike. Israelis are passionate about food, love fresh produce and the results are astonishing. Ad because Israeli is a ‘crossroads’ - with its population hailing from around the world - there are amazing culinary choices to be made. From Yemenite, Iraqi and Morrocan to French, Polish and South American, there’s something for everyone. In recent years, a whole trend of ‘modern Israeli’ cuisine has also sprung up - with restaurants run by top chefs like Eyal Shani requiring reservations weeks in advance. Enjoy!
Desert Adventures
1. Israel’s Negev is a visual sight to behold, its stark desert environment home to an infinite number of breathtaking views. And eco-tourism and desert adventure touring options abound - hiking and biking along desert trails, all-terrain jeep trips, camel riding along the ancient Spice Route, rock climbing and rappelling. For active holidays, you couldn’t find a better destination.
Archaeological Sites
With a cultural past that stretches back to pre-biblical times, Israel has an overwhelming number of ancient sites that are an easy to explore. One of the most famous is Masada, the mountainous stronghold at the edge of the Judean desert. With its views of the Dead Sea and archaeological exhibits, it is the place Jews held out against advancing Roman legions. Ancient Herodian ruins in Caeasaria are no less impressive - the aqueducts and amphitheatre should not be missed and for the adventurous, there’s a chance to take an underwater tour. Crusader ramparts are evident in Akko, the ancient Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock and Western Wall all make Jerusalem a ‘must see’ destination, and St. Mary’s Well and the Basilica in Nazareth mean history enthusiasts will not be disappointed. And with new discoveries being made constantly, you’re never going to be bored.
Visit Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
A typically Mediterranean climate makes Israel ideal for year-round travel. For sure, summers are hot, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees in the Galilee Jerusalem (and even hotter in the Dead Sea and Eilat) you’re never far from the coast, where a dip in the Mediterranean is a great way to cool off. And in Jerusalem and Mitzpe Ramon, cool, breezy evenings make outside dining and strolling a true delight. In winter, while much of Europe and the U.S. is shivering, most of Israel is basking in sun, with temperatures hovering around 70-degrees (and even warmer in the Red Sea resort of Eilat).
Fun for the Whole Family
Israel is an extremely family-oriented society with children welcome just about everywhere here. So many of the country’s attractions are built with children in mind - Jerusalem’s ‘Time Elevator’ and ‘Mini Israel’ are tailor-made for the young ones. Water parks across the country make for a great family day out, and most of the larger hotels have excellent children’s facilities, as well as babysitting services. Add to that the excellent weather, fine beaches with gentle surf and a wealth of historical attractions that have educational value you just can’t find in a textbook, and Israel just might be your ultimate family vacation destination!
Tel aviv
Tel Aviv is the country’s answer to Manhattan and the beating heart of Israel’s culinary, cultural and nightlife scene. With charming cafes and excellent restaurants on every street, it’s a true 24/7 city. But Tel Aviv is something else too - a beach lovers paradise, with miles of white sand and clear water running along the city). With its unique mix of fun, sophistication and opportunities to relax, this this makes Tel Aviv a premier destination.
Events & Festivals
Israel has an array of cultural events and festivals second to none in the region. There’s always something going on and something for every taste. Here are some highlights:
* Acco Festival of Alternative Israeli Theater (September)
* Masada Opera Festival
* Tour de Dead Sea (bicycle race)
* Jerusalem International Film Festival
* The Voice of Music Festival in Galilee (summer)

ABout israel

Israel is, without a doubt, a fascinating destination with religious and archaeological landmarks that attract tourists from all over the world. The country also offers a remarkable selection of modern attractions – museums, bird sanctuaries, and swimming in the Dead Sea to name but a few!

What also makes Israel such a unique destination is that within a few hours you can travel from the snowy heights of Mount Hermon, to the sandy beaches of Eilat, perched on the Red Sea.   The biblical cities of Jerusalem, Acre and Nazareth all give the visitor an opportunity to wander through tiny alleyways, and visit colorful covered street markets.  Tel Aviv is a 24/7 city, a high-rise metropolis with hundreds of cafes, restaurants and miles of golden beaches. The Dead Sea marks the lowest point on earth, the north has wonderful vineyards and in the Negev desert lies an astonishing crater.  This is why Israel is so wonderful – it is a country with something for everyone.



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