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, or Tsfat, as it’s called in Hebrew is nestled high in the hills of the Upper Galil, in northern Israel. One of the 4 holy cities in the Land of Israel for Judaism, Safed is the birthplace and a modern center of Jewish Mysticism or Kabbalah.  An important city since biblical times, it was in the sixteenth century that Safed experienced a rebirth and took its place as a central stage for Jewish life. Following the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, many came to the Land of Israel, and were attracted to the city. Since that time many of the leading Kabbalists have lived and taught here. Today, this city is the highest in Israel accommodating cool summers, and since the War of Independence has become an artists’ haven with many galleries featuring contemporary Israeli art open to the public and for sale. A visit to the city should include a visit to the Caro synagogue; built over the traditional home of Rabbit Joseph Caro, a leading scholar and kabbalist of the sixteenth century who wrote the major codex of Jewish law the Shulchan Aruch. Visitors can also enjoy a meander through the alleyways of the Old City and artists’ colony as well as visits to the various other synagogues of the old town.

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