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Icon April 5, 2024
Icon By Shai Navon
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An Interview with Guy Gordon, CEO of Gordon Tours Israel

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In the wake of recent events in Israel, the country’s tourism has faced unprecedented challenges. Guy Gordon, CEO of Gordon Tours Israel, sits down with us to discuss how both the nation’s tourism and Israel are emerging as resilient and vibrant during these challenging times.

The outbreak of the conflict in October presented extraordinary challenges. How did Gordon Tours Israel navigate this period?

Indeed, the onset of the conflict was a pivotal moment for us. Our immediate response was to prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients traveling globally, both Israelis and non-Israelis alike. It was about mobilizing every resource, collaborating with airlines, and engaging with governments to ensure everyone has a safe passage back home. This period underscored our commitment to the community and evoked the essence of solidarity that’s at the heart of our operations.

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With the travel landscape drastically altered, how has Gordon Tours Israel adapted to continue serving its clients effectively?

The past few months have reshaped travel, but we’ve seen it as an opportunity to bridge perceptions with reality. We’ve initiated Zoom sessions to share firsthand experiences from October 7th, from the Israeli perspective, as part of our efforts to reassure our partners about the resilience and beauty of Israel as a destination. Our focus is clear: Israel is open, welcoming, and we’re here to provide an unparalleled experience, all while ensuring utmost safety.

The solidarity missions from the U.S. seem to have had a profound impact. Could you elaborate on these experiences?

Gordon Tours Israel proudly facilitated U.S. solidarity missions where volunteers supported Israeli communities and connected with soldiers and families of hostages still in Gaza. It’s incredibly moving. The volunteers connected deeply with the local communities, offering support and gaining a rich understanding of Israel’s resilience. The missions created a beautiful tapestry of camaraderie, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved and reinforcing the power of unity and compassion.

In light of recent events, what does a trip to Israel with Gordon Tours look like now?

Today, visiting Israel with us is about experiencing the country’s indomitable spirit. While we ensure safety by avoiding conflict zones, most of the country welcomes visitors with open arms. Our tours offer a blend of Israel’s diverse attractions, from the historic allure of Jerusalem’s streets and Tel Aviv’s vibrant markets to the tranquil beauty of the Dead Sea and the austere landscapes of the Negev Desert. Despite current circumstances, the essence of Israel’s rich cultural and natural heritage remains accessible and captivating to all. Our aim is always to go beyond sightseeing; we facilitate deep connections with the land and its people, enabling visitors to truly feel the pulse of Israel’s enduring energy.

How do you see the role of tourism in bolstering Israel’s future?

Tourism is a powerful vehicle for solidarity and support. Each visitor plays a crucial role in the local economy, directly impacting many families and businesses. Beyond the economic aspect, tourism fosters a deeper understanding and connection, breaking down barriers and promoting peace through shared experiences. This period has only deepened my belief in the transformative power of travel. Experiencing a new culture, meeting its people firsthand, and tasting its food offers a unique perspective that transcends what we see in the media. Travel is not just about discovery, it’s about building bridges of understanding and solidarity, underscoring tourism’s essential role in creating a more connected and compassionate world.

For those contemplating a pilgrimage to Israel, what message would you like to convey?

My message is one of heartfelt welcome. Israel remains a vibrant and safe destination, rich with historical and spiritual wonders. Our meticulously planned tours are designed to showcase the best of Israel, providing a supportive and enriching experience that also contributes to the local communities and economy.

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