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About Us


Gordon Travel Group is a leading tour operator, known for its wide range of unique services offered around the globe.  Long-established and with a stellar reputation, our 40 years in the business makes us stand out in the industry.  We offer both incoming and outgoing tours, and specialise in niche packages for our international clientele.  All of our hotels, tour operators and general services are carefully selected by our staff and over the years, we have built up a close relationship with leading provider’s across the world. Our clients’ satisfaction is always our primary concern.

Incoming tourism to Israel:

Gordon Tours Israel – This is our mother company, and one of the leading incoming tour operators in Israel.  We’ve been in the business over 30 years, offering a number of services – from individuals, looking for a unique trip, to large group tours, arriving from big companies in the UK, US and Australia.

The relationships we have built up over the years hotels, guides and other suppliers are stable and based on trust, which means that we can offer our clients extremely competitive rates.

Active tourism to Israel:

‘G.A.’ – Gordon Active incoming.  We are the largest active tourism operator in Israel, operating as a wholesaler and retail agent.  We represent ‘Backroads’ in the USA and ‘Explore’ in the UK.


Management team

Froike Gordon

Froike Gordon


Guy Gordon

Guy Gordon

C.E.O Gordon Tours Israel

אלון בר נור

Allon Bar-Nur

Head of Operation

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