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A Foodie Tour of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market

Icon January 24, 2019
Icon By Shai Navon
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Jerusalem’s outdoor Mahane Yehuda Market has long been renowned for its fresh produce, vibrant vendors and exuberant environment. Over the years, the site has expanded to include a wide variety of high caliber and trendy eateries within its hallowed walls. Which shops and restaurants are sure to delight your palate? Read on to discover the best Machane Yehuda spots for foodies from around the world.


10 Beit Ya’akov St

One of Israel’s most popular dining experiences, Machaneyuda serves up an exciting Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired menu from its innovative open kitchen. The restaurant is run by three well-acclaimed chefs and presents modern cuisine that highlights that day’s local market produce. Our recommended dishes: Adam and Eve fettuccine, with goat-butter, figs and spinach; Wild sea bass with market vegetables and fickle swiss chard; Uri’s mom’s famous semolina cake… but really, everything on the menu is absolutely sublime!

Burrito Chai

4 HaEshkol Street


Looking for some great Tex-Mex in the heart of the Holy City? Head over to Burrito Chai, Jerusalem’s only kosher burrito joint and sip a crisp, cool margarita alongside your choice of succulent burritos. With great on-site events, like Taco Tuesdays and karaoke nights, you’ll wine, dine and be thoroughly entertained with every bite. A true Mexican fiesta! Try the chimichangas, or churros with chocolate sauce. They’re delicious!


1 Hashikma Street

Crave takes street food to the next level with edgy, gourmet bites served at its sit-down restaurant. Whatever you’re craving, this place is serving it up. Get ready to salivate as you watch the dishes roll out of the kitchen: Korean beef tacos, soy garlic and chili braised adobo brisket bowls, New York deli-inspired sandwiches, umami-worthy nachos and, yes, of course, the jaw-dropping Crave dessert bar. We bet you won’t be able to choose just one favorite!


2 HaArmonim Street

Ice Cream

Known for its avant-garde and at times unusual (but so tasty) ice cream flavors, Mousseline brings the art of French ice cream making to Jerusalem. Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? How about a taste of their praline or French vanilla ice cream, or mango sorbet! Want to try something a little more bitter or sour – basil grapefruit sorbet or cheese & berries ice cream will hit the spot. Plus, in true Israeli hospitality fashion, you can taste the rainbow flavors until you pick the one that makes your taste buds smile.

Jacko’s Street

6 HaShikma Street

Ever had chicken livers paired with pears? What about goose bread focaccia, or a whole sea bream cooked in a sauce of olive oil, lemon and sherry? At Jacko’s Street, you can eat all that – and more. The high-class Kurdish dishes are prepared with utmost care and artistry. All of the ingredients used are extremely fresh from the Machane Yehuda Market, and are served as Israeli music filters through the air. An ode to the amazing produce, available just around the corner.


28 HaEgoz Street


Hatch is where you go to have great beer, hand-crafted beef sausages and other snack and sides. Cheekily tucked away near one of Machane Yehuda’s nuts dried fruits and nuts stalls, this bar is one for the savvy foodie looking for a satisfying night on the town. A self-taught brewer and seasonal food aficionado, owner Ephraim Greenblatt elegantly pairs local market produce with their menu staples, to create great bites that keep customers coming back for more. Try the Simple Berliner and breakfast sausage – they’re out of this world!

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