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5 Reasons To Make Israel Your Next Great Vacation Destination

Icon April 10, 2019
Icon By Shai Navon
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Why visit Israel? The more important question is why haven’t you visited the Holy Land yet? Israel may be small in size, but it’s teeming with things to see and do, people to chat with, and great vacation spots to hang out in. With little effort, you’ll find something satisfying for everyone amind the diverse, lush landscapes. There are so many reasons to make Israel your next great vacation destination – Here are our top five:

A rich historical and religious background

Western Wall

Israel’s culture stretches back to biblical times and is reflected in both its archaeological excavations and modern-day practices throughout the country. From the Jerusalem stone that flanks the capital city’s buildings and holy Western Wall, to the bustling ultra-Orthodox men and women pushing stollers and carrying shopping bags in commercial areas, to the many museums you can visit to learn about subjects such as the destroyed Jewish Temple, local Islamic art, the Terra Sancta and more, history and religion collide and intertwine in this Middle Eastern country.

An ideal vacation climate

Tel Aviv Skyline

Israel’s Mediterranean climate is ideal for vacationing year-round. Winters never dip below freezing and while summers are hot, there are many shaded and water-oriented attractions to visit – and air conditioning has been installed in most indoor venues. You can also choose to visit the desert at night in warmer seasons, and the center of the country of the tourist city of Eilat when the weather’s less ideal to take full advantage of the climate and your vacation time.

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A booming foodie scene

Israeli Food

The world has gone bonkers for unique, trendy and culturally exquisite cuisine, and in Israel, your palate will not be disappointed. The Land of Milk and Honey has a vibrant foodie scene; From street food to fine dining, traditional protein-based dishes to contemporary vegan, there’s sure to be an Israeli-based eatery serving up the dish of your dreams. You can even go on foodie tours in some of Israel’s major cities. We recommend touring Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market and tasting from its many stands, restaurants and fresh produce booths.

Everything’s in close proximity

Israel Train

It takes just 6 hours to drive from Israel’s northern border to its southern city, and far less to travel from the country’s east to west coasts. And yet, the country is home to lush orchards, the Hermon mountain and ski site, desert dunes, exquisite beaches, holy cities, the bustling Tel Aviv metropolis and much, much more. Hopping on a bus, ride-share or train and enjoying the best of every geographic condition and attraction type the country has to offer has never been easier. Only in Israel.

Fun for the whole family, on a budget

Israel Flags

Israel takes fun for the whole family to the next level. Many museums and attractions across the country are open for free on state holidays, and you can easily find affordable (or discounted) activities that meet the needs of the young, the young at heart, and those looking for more mature entertainment. And while many activities are tailor-made for children, there’s always something to pique adults’ interests – and vice versa. Beaches, national parks, zoos, art exhibitions and attractions galore!

Bottom line: Israel is the small country that’s packed with everything you could possibly be looking for in your next great vacation destination. So, what are you waiting for?


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