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Valentine’s Day in Israel

Icon February 6, 2023
Icon By Shai Navon
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There is never a bad day to share our love with the people we care about, but there might not be a better day for it than Valentine’s Day. Here in Israel, we have our own Jewish “Love day” – Tu Be’Av, which in Hebrew means the 15th of the month of Av.

In the Jewish lunar calendar, that falls during the summer season, bringing the spirit of love and celebration to the streets of every major city. It’s a minor holiday with a rich history, dating back to biblical times, when it was a day for matchmaking and joyous festivities.

Fast forward to modern times and Tu B’Av continues to be a time for love and relationships, a religious-secular holiday of sorts. Some communities go all out and host special events, such as dances and concerts, to mark the special occasion.

But why not celebrate love twice a year if we can? Indeed, many in Israel celebrate Valentine’s Day as well. So what do you do, and where should you go when you’re spending the international holiday of love in Israel? We got you covered.

The Augusta Victoria Church in Jerusalem

The Augusta Victoria Church, located on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, is a memorable and romantic building. It stands out with its 180-foot tall bell tower that would be perfect for couples who want to quietly overlook the Holy City from above, with views stretching miles in every direction.

As a bonus, on Valentine’s Day, the beautiful church holds an organ music marathon concert featuring young and talented musicians from Europe and Israel, accompanied by the Jerusalem Festival Orchestra. The scheduled program includes pieces by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, and Handel.

Have a Romantic Dinner in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv might not be a holy city, but it has a whole lot of positive energy 365 days a year. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Polls in recent years show that about one in five Israelis celebrate this Christian holiday on February 14th, and most often than not, the holiday is celebrated by sharing a romantic meal at a top chef restaurant.

If you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s treat, we recommend heading over to vegan restaurant Opa, which serves a 11-course uber-gourmet meal made by both traditional and contemporary cooking methods, using fresh, organic and homegrown ingredients. It all happens on a wonderful Tel-Aviv rooftop.

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Hop on a Hot Air Balloon

Experience the beauty of the Holy Land from a unique, less strenuous perspective by hopping on a hot air balloon. You can find hot air balloons in the Galilee area, where you’d be able to view the Sea of Galilee or the Jordan River from above, or you can head to the Negev and float above the desert.

Soaring 1,500 feet above the ground – that’s a romantic getaway that’s hard to beat.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day, it’s no doubt that the Holy Land is a wonderful place to experience with your special love.


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