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Inside Israel: A fresh tour of an ancient land – Archaeology

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Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport and meet your guide. Transfer to Jaffa where you will start your tour with a welcome vista over Tel Aviv. Continue to a local highlight related to your tour’s them. Drive to Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee for a celebratory dinner to mark the beginning of the tour, and overnight.

We will open our eyes in the Sea of Galilee region we will visit the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. From there we will continue down the mountain toward Tabgha, the site of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, and then to St. Peter Primacy Church. From here it’s a short drive to Capernaum, to see the ancient synagogue and the house of St. Peter. Then we will continue to the archeological relicts of Beithseida. This city have relicts that go all the way from the Bronze era (3300 – 2400CE, BC). The site is famous for his biblical gates, the miracles and the final curse the Jesus put on the city. From there we will continue to a Fish restaurant on the shores of the sea. Then we depart to Magdala, to witness an ongoing archeological digging at the city of Mary Magdalene. In the evening we will arrive to Kibbutz Genosar to see the 2,000 years old boat that was discovered in the Sea of Galilee, then we will take a calm boat ride on the sea.

Leaving the Sea of Galilee behind us we will travel to Nazareth where we will see mary well, the Basillica of the Annunciation that built over Mary house where the angel appear to her and to Joseph house and carpentry. Then we will depart to Akko the capitol of the second Crusade Kingdom, there we will hear the stories of the orders of the Crusaders and the fascinating story of the city.  Akko is also a World heritage site, thank to the magnificent state of the archeological remains of the city. From there we will follow the Mediterranean Coast to the ancient city of Caesarea. Caesarea is one of the most extravagant projects of King Herod the Great. Here, we will see the ancient theatre, the private palace of Herod, the hippodrome, and the first underwater construction project in the world. Afterwards we will start our voyage toward the Judean Mountains, till the city of Jerusalem.

We will start the morning on top of Mt. of Olives, where according to the three monotoaist religions the messiah will choose as the place of blessing upon his arrival. We will stand in a wonderful observation point overlooking the Temple Mt. (Mt. Moriah) and on Gathsemane Church, where according to the tradition Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Underneath us the Jewish cemetery, will lay down, the most ancient and still active cemetery in the world. From there the bus will take us a bit to the east, to the desert for the “good Samaritan” site, where archeologist find the ancient motel that Jesus talked about and a beautiful Byzantine church. Today the site in a beautiful mosaic museum that contain mosaic that found all across the land. Then we will continue for a secret valley in the desert to have an overlook on an ancient remote monastery, St. George Monastery over there we will talk about the monk movement in the holy desert from the fourth century. Then we will continue to Bethlehem for lunch, to see the Nativity Church, the birthplace of Jesus and to shepherd field. We will enjoy an evening lecture by a certified Archaeologist at the hotel.

Start the day with a visit to the Temple Mount to view from the outside the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque. Then we will continue for adventure through time visiting the original City of David; the original beginnings of Jerusalem. We will Walk through the amazing Biblical water system that was billed by King Hezekiah to protect the “Gihon” spring, the only running water source of the city, against the Asyrian army.  We will get out from the tunnel in the “Siloah pool” where according to the New Testament Jesus did the miracle of the blind man. then We will start to climb through the “Ophel” staircase, the original stairs that led to the Second Temple, then we will move to in the ancient water draining system that King Herod builds all of the above will be underground walk which will bring us, inside the Old City Walls to the Davidson museum of the Second Temple with the impressive Jerusalem Archeological Park. After lunch we will continue to the Jewish quarter to witness the Cardo – the main street of the city from the time of the Ronams and to the “Burning House Museum” that tell us the story and show us the evidence of the destruction of the Temple and the city by the Romans. Then we will make a short walk toward Mt. Zion to see King David tomb stone and the Last Supper

Spend the morning in the Western Wall, the holiest site to the Jewish religion, we will have some free time in the wall and then we will go underground through the maze of the Western Wall Tunnels there we will witness the archaeological relicts of the Second Temple. On the way out we will go to Bethesda pools, to witness standing archaeological relicts from the pagan era till the present day. We heard about those pools in the Old and New Testaments. From there we will follow the Via Dolorosa to the Church of Holy Sepulchre that seat on top of the Calvary.

Enjoy a free afternoon in Jerusalem or take part in an optional tour:

“Dig for a day”, take part in ongoing digging with a certified archaeologist, in one of the most fascinating sites in Israel.

Entering in to the Judean Desert this morning we descend to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea Basin. We will continue south toward the symbol of the desert, Masada, the last strong hold of the Jews in the Great Revolt against the Romans, the symbol of Israel. Taking the cable car to the top, we will tour this hilltop fortress built by King Herod, and hear the amazing story of its fall to Rome. Then we continue to Qumran, the city of the Essene cult, where the Scrolls of the Dead Sea were found, we will see their ancient city in the heart of the desert and try to solve the greatest mysteries of the time, who were they and what is the reasons of the scrolls and how we found them?

From there we will continue to the Dead Sea where you will have time to float in the mineral rich lake.

This morning we will tour the museum at Yad V’Shem, Israel’s national memorial and research center to the holocaust. We will continue to the vivacious Machane Yehuda fresh produce market, and then on to the Israel Museum where we will see the model of Second Temple Period Jerusalem and the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed. Then we will continue to the amazing archaeological wing of the museum for a tour.  This evening depart for the Night Spectacular sound and light show in the Tower of David and enjoy a farewell meal at a local restaurant.

We will start the day in the Sifting project, where we sift dirt from the Temple Mt. and hope to find evidence from the temple.

Then we will enjoy a summary lecture about our tour and will continue toward Ben-Gurion Airport.

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