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“Keeping it in the Family” – Why I Work for Gordon Tours

Icon February 21, 2017
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by Guy Gordon

I’m on my way to San Fransisco, and it’s a 15-hour flight.  It’s hard to imagine that sitting on a seat can be this exhausting.  Looking around, the guy in front of me is preoccupied, writing long lines of code.  Next to me, another guy is sifting through his emails, in preparation for his meetings in Silicon Valley.  With hours more to pass, I begin wondering about my own work and the reason I’m travelling to the US…

I grew up in a family that ran a travel business.  It was all I ever knew.  My grandfather founded our company 40 years ago, when Israelis could still travel easily and safely to Ramallah, Jericho, Bethlehem and the Gaza Strip.  It’s funny to think of that now.  He, himself, was a guide, a driver and a tour operator all rolled into one – a real ‘one man show.’  Only years after his own son (my father) joined the business would it develop into a far bigger operation.

image zeev gordon early days

Let me try and create an analogy.  Imagine a couple planning their wedding.  They’re sitting, talking to an event planner, trying to explain how they envisage the big day, and what they need done so that the event ends up being one of the most memorable days of their lives.  Well, Gordon Tours is the ‘event planner’ of vacations.  When people come to us, we make sure no detail is overlooked, to ensure that they have a vacation they don’t forget, the rest of their lives.

Whether we’re working with couples, families, religious communities or groups of friends, we personalize things so they’re ‘just right’ for you.  And working in Israel is something that makes our work even easier.  We’ve got so much to show off, you see – Tel Aviv (the city that never sleeps), the Dead Sea (the lowest place on earth), the Galilee (walking in the footsteps of Jesus) and Jerusalem (home to three major world religions).  And a whole lot more, besides.

gordon tours see the world differentlySo whether you’re looking to understand more about your Jewish heritage, coming as a Christian pilgrim or travelling the country as a curious first-timer, we can put together a trip for you.  And why won’t we disappoint you?  Because we love what we do.

My grandfather and father worked hard their whole lives to build the company.  Now, as a third generation member of Gordon Tours, and today travelling to the US to promote Israel, it’s my turn to work hard and, with luck, show the world just how wonderful Israel is.  Luckily, for me, I’ve got others to turn to when I need advice.

guy and grandfather

For now, though, I’m going to try and get some sleep!


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