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Going Off the Grid in the Negev

Icon April 24, 2019
Icon By Shai Navon
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These days, we’re far too wrapped up in our digital devices and modern conveniences to truly enjoy the wonders that surround us – and that’s truly a shame. Yet, when venturing off and touring Israel’s Negev desert, going off the grid isn’t the undesirable result of heading into remote locations; its a wonderful way to get to know nature and culture in all their glory. That’s why today we’re going off the grid in the Negev and taking part in five exciting activities.

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Camping in a Bedouin tent

Camping in a Bedouin tent

Get ready for the night of a lifetime! Israel’s Negev desert is home to multiple Bedouin communities, including those who have opened tourist-friendly sites for the purpose of enlightening the world about their unique, traditional living practices. Enjoy a sunset camel ride in the desert, before taking up residence in a large, communal tent, tasting freshly made Laffa bread, spreads, meats and vegetables, sipping tiny cups of black coffee and learning about Bedouin customs, music and more. You may not be able to charge your cell phone while you sleep in sleeping bags on mats inside the tent, but you will enjoy an evening of real-life communication with your loved ones, and the locals.

Jeep tours with breathtaking views

Jeep tours

Experience the endless Negev desert in all of its glory during a fast-paced, thrilling desert jeep ride. You’ll careen through the sand dunes and park by a cliff, enabling you to see miles upon miles of barrenness and beauty. This is a truly exciting way to experience the Negev. To book your jeep tour, ask your hotel receptionist for a contact phone number of a local guide.

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Multicolored sandcastles in Timna Park

Timna Park

With its towering sandstone pillars and stunning multicolored sand, the Negev’s Timna Park is a truly spectacular off-grid site. Here, you can unleash your inner child – and bottle it for safekeeping. Well, the sand, that is. Visitors can fill miniature bottles with sand, creating souvenir art, or play in the sand to their hearts’ content, before relaxing under a majestic Acacia tree and simply taking in the natural wonders.

History meets natural beauty at Ein Avdat

Ein Avdat

Get ready to venture off the beaten track and experience the perfect integration of history and nature, at Ein Avdat. The desert valley has a rich history significant to tourists of the Christian faith – Nabateans and Christian monks used to live here, and you can easily spend your day hiking the trail, playing in the springs and picnicking with your favorite people. Simplicity that is so sweet, you’ll be wondering why there aren’t many more tourists flocking to this stunning site.

Sunrise at Masada

Masada Sunrise

Built by Herod the Great in the year 30 BCE, Masada is an ancient Roman-style fortress that harbors a somber sadness within its marvelous ruins and provides a unique perspective into the lives of Second Temple-era Jewish freedom fighters, who ultimately chose to end their own lives, rather than fall prey to their Roman adversaries. Head to this Negev site before dawn and make the climb up in time to watch the sunrise and glisten over the Negev dunes, just like it has for centuries on end.

The bottom line: When it comes to Israel’s Negev desert, going off the grid is truly the best way to ensure an unforgettable experience. Choose from a variety of activity options and get ready to enjoy nature, history, culture and communicating with one another, during your next Israel trip.


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