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Be Our Guest: The Best of Israeli Hospitality You Probably Never Heard Of

Icon December 9, 2018
Icon By Shai Navon
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Israel’s hospitality is legendary. While many folks visit Israel for the historic sites, amazing beaches and awesome scenery, many keep coming back thanks to the warm welcome and hospitality the country and it’s people offer. Israel’s fresh, delicious food, friendly citizens and unique hospitality experiences will charm and delight you time and time again. Here are 4 unique hospitality experiences that will make you fall in love with Israel.

Drink Coffee with the Bedouin


Israel’s Bedouin are nomadic Middle Eastern tribesmen, who’ve partially settled down in villages and small towns across Israel’s Negev region. The Bedouins of Israel pride themselves on their hospitality, and look forward to welcoming you! You can visit an authentic Bedouin tent for a typical feast, where you’ll be urged to taste the many delicious foods or combine a desert hike with hot, strong coffee brewed under the stars. Bedouin hospitality experiences also include camel riding and making pita bread with a traditional saj over an open fire!

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Eat Dinner with the Locals

If you want to get to know the real Israel beyond the typical tourist sites, Betzavta is waiting to hear from you. Betzavta – meaning ‘together’ in Hebrew – aims to bring together travelers and native Israelis for a special event unlike any other. Betzavta hosts invite you to join them for a home-cooked meal and free-flowing conversation, allowing you to build true friendships and discover the many facets of Israel’s local culture.

Sleep in an Eco-Village

Israel is brimming with eco-villages offering unique experiences and warm hospitality, where you can get close to the earth and live in harmony with the elements. Whether you prefer to sleep in a yurt, a tent, a wooden hut, or open-sided lodges, you’ll find a welcoming staff and an inviting, calming experience. You can relax in hammocks in the shade, eat delicious fresh meals prepared with produce from the on-site organic garden, and cool off in swimming ponds during hot days. Eco-village hotels like Khan Be’erotayim encourage guests to get to know each other and meet village residents over campfires, serving herbal tea and hot coffee late into the night.

Become part of the Tel Aviv community

Tel Aviv

In the heart of Tel Aviv, you’ll find the Fabric hotel, which strives to ensure guests feel like an integral part of the local community. The Fabric hotel is named for its location in a former textile factory, and is close to all of Tel Aviv’s main attractions. As well as extending a warm welcome to guests, the Fabric hotel hosts a local ‘salon’ in the lobby, with nearby residents stopping by for a drink and a chat. Going beyond what you’d expect from a typical hotel, The Fabric hotel offers a dedicated staff, free bicycles to tour Tel Aviv, beach packs that include towels and water bottles, and a lively bar and restaurant that are just as popular with the locals as they are with visitors staying in the hotel.

Join a goat farm


Israel isn’t called the land of milk and honey for nothing. There are a number of organic goat farms that can’t wait to welcome you to taste their delicious cheeses and meet their friendly goats. Places like Goats in the Wind and Jacob’s Farm offer cheese tasting, fresh food made from local produce, and even opportunities to volunteer as a shepherd or join a cooking class. Learn more about life as an organic goat farmer, discover the unique flavors of cheeses from different regions, and breathe to the rhythm of nature with a visit to a goat farm.

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