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How to Plan your Church Group Trip to Israel

Icon September 11, 2022
Icon By Shai Navon
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Every Christian congregation wants to visit Israel. Since traveling from the land of the free to the Holy Land requires traveling over the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and the Mediterranean – it’s an international trip that requires plenty of pre-planning. This might seem daunting, but have no worries! Simply follow these steps, and the process will be enjoyable, exciting and totally stress-free!

First Thing’s First – Deciding When to Go

Israel is accommodating in all seasons, but traveling to the desert in August is different than doing so in January, and Jerusalem in September is unlike Jerusalem even only several months later. Deciding when to visit the Holy Land is the first, essential step as you start planning. Even though it’s a small country, Israel greatly varies in terms of climate, and a short trip Can take you to a place that feels completely different.

The importance of the time of the year you decide on goes beyond the weather, though. If you’re in the Holy Land during Christmas or Easter, for example, the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem will surely be at the top of your list of not-to-be-missed places to visit. Visiting dates and hours are also likely to change throughout the year, so figuring out when you want to go is going to matter as soon as you start planning.

Let Your Community Know About it

A trip to the Holy Land is an experience of a lifetime. Every member of your community who might be able to go on this pilgrimage would love to know it is a concrete opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to fulfill a Christian dream that most believers have not been able to manifest yet.

The best way to get the word out is to start discussing your idea of a trip with the members of your parish who are the most engaged with the other members and have a good network around them. They will spread the news around and get your congregation excited about this prospect! We also offer a host of digital tools to help you connect with members of your congregation, spread the word and share your excitement about the trip!

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Organize periodical gatherings of interested parties

A trip to Israel is unlike any other trip and the experience you and your congregation will have as individuals and as community is unlike any other. Your trip will include visits to unforgettable religious, cultural, and historical sights best experienced as a congregation.

An important aspect of preparing for such a meaningful experience involves strengthening community bonds around your pilgrimage by arranging meetings of interested members. Reinforcing relationships between different members of your community within these meetings before the trip will ensure your community FEELS like a community and reinforces your commitment to diversity and acceptance of all.

Make itinerary decisions

Some say that every stone you throw in Israel is bound to hit a Christian site, and so you must travel at least a dozen times to see them all. The options can feel endless, so it is always better to start with those places you deem as “must-see”. Some cannot pass on a stroll in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, others feel drawn to the site of Jesus’ baptism, or the city of the birth of Christ, Nazareth. 

Once you start making these decisions, from the easiest to the toughest, going step-by-step, your trip will slowly and organically start to take shape and come to life!. Need some inspiration? Here are some options to get you started!

Figure out the cost

As we all know, the cost of the trip is one of the most important factors to consider. It is best to know from the onset where the final figures will end up, as each decision you make as you plan your trip has a price tag attached to it. This is why we’re excited to offer our FREE Holy Land Trip Planner, where you can answer a few simple questions and receive price estimates in real-time.

Let your journey with your Christian congregation to the Holy Land begin! We can’t wait to see you!


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