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After the Rain: The Ultimate Golan Heights Day Tour

Icon May 24, 2019
Icon By Shai Navon
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Spring has sprung and the Golan Heights is lush with fresh and vast green expanses, cleansed and nurtured by the winter rain. And while the region is often overlooked due to its distance from Israel’s more central tourist hubs, it is rich in historical, cultural and natural beauty and significance – and should most definitely be visited on your next Israel trip.

But with just a single day available in your busy vacation itinerary, how can you possibly choose which Golan Heights sites to visit? Answer: you can’t – and thanks to your friends at Gordon Tours, you don’t have to. That’s because we’ve done the hard work for you and have created the ideal Golan Heights day tour you’ll enjoy and remember for years to come.

The Golan Heights in a single day, here we come!

Banias Nature Reserve

Golan Heights Israel

Immerse yourself in rich natural and historical beauty at the Banias Nature Reserve. Here, you can dip in the crisp, cool waters of the Banias River and gaze up at Israel’s largest waterfall, while surrounded by ancient ruins from the Roman and Crusader eras. Hike along trails reportedly traversed by Jesus at this known Christian pilgrimage site, and ponder the conversations held here about his teachings long ago, before hunting down a hot-off-the-stove pita from the local Druze population. A feast for your mind, body and soul.

Water Sports on the Dan River

Golan Heights Israel

Unleash your inner adrenaline junkie and take advantage of the higher water levels and relatively pleasant springtime weather by rafting, tubing, or kayaking along the Golan Height’s Dan River. You’ll get to meet many locals as you float down the river – some playfully splashing about, while others determined to make their way down the river and to the scrumptious Dag al HaDan restaurant, which serves dishes made from local catches. Remember to wear a hat, apply sunscreen and drink lots of water – it gets hot out on the river!

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Horseback Riding on Ramot Ranch

Ramot Golan

In search of a cowboy adventure in the Holy Land? Mosey on over to Ramot Ranch, where you can join a horseback riding trek, or just enjoy a romp around the local grounds. This is a great way to view the vast Golan lands – from the vantage point of a truly majestic creature. A fun activity for the whole family.

Taste the local produce

Golan Heights Israel

No trip to the Golan Heights would be complete without a sampling of the fine, fresh produce grown in the region. For adults, the ultimate experience would have to be a tour of the Golan Heights Winery (kids can tour the winery as well, but wine tasting may be lost on them). A more “fun for the whole family” activity would be fruit picking in Ein Zivan – you can taste as you pick, and then bring a basket of produce back to your hotel for future enjoyment. Select the activity that best suits your family’s unique interests and flavor.

Bottom line

Golan Heights Israel

The Golan Heights is a region teeming with stunning sights and significant attractions. And while we’ve provided you with but a sample of the things to do during your Golan Heights day tour, know that there is more to see and do and that there is something for everyone around every hill, valley and plain. Enjoy!


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