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6 Israeli exports that may surprise you

Icon October 31, 2019
Icon By Shai Navon
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Despite Israel’s small geographical size, the country commands a significant position as the 48th largest exporter in the world, with a total export market value of 48.8 billion dollars. Israel’s main export partner is the United States (28% of total exports). Others include Hong Kong, Belgium, United Kingdom, India, and China. Here are some of the largest Israeli exports that may surprise you!



Diamonds are Israel’s best friend! Believe it or not, Israel’s main export is diamonds, making up 28% of the county’s total exports. Israel is the fourth largest exporter of diamonds in the world and has a 12.2% share of a global market that is worth $127.6 billion annually. The two major destinations for Israel’s diamond exports are the United States (39%) and Hong Kong (24%).


Medicine remains one of the largest export markets for Israel. The country’s healthcare technologies market is estimated at $5.8 billion, of which devices account for $2 billion and pharmaceuticals for $3.8 billion. The United States is Israel’s largest single-country destination for medical devices and fourth-largest for pharmaceuticals, preceded by Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Tropical and Citrus Fruits


The worldwide tropical fruit market is worth $9.32 billion, and Israel is the tenth-largest exporter with a 2.4% share. European countries are the main destination for Israel’s tropical fruit exports including United Kingdom (19%), France (19%), the Netherlands (18%) and Russia (9.3%). The worldwide export market for citrus fruits is worth $13.1 billion each year, out of which Israel has a 1.5% share. Yum!

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Considering its diminutive size, you might find it surprising that Israel is ranked 11th in the list of the world’s top potato exporter. Global potato exports are valued at $3.7 billion per year, with Israel gaining a 2.4% world market share. Potatoes are one of the main vegetables grown in the country and they achieve good yields despite being considered a very dry country, with an average rainfall of only 435 mm of rain per year.

Computer Hardware

Israel is well known for the invention and development of essential computer hardware, including the iconic Intel processor chip. Tech hardware has always been fundamental to Israeli’s innovation ecosystem in large part in response to Israel’s military and security challenges. The world benefits from these innovations, examples of which include recent high-value buyouts such as Mobileye ($15.3 billion sale to Intel in 2017), Orbotech ($3.4 billion sale to KLA-Tencor in 2018), Galileo ($2.7 billion sale to Marvell in 2000) and M-Systems ($1.5 billion sale to SanDisk in 2006).



Global exports of refined petroleum are estimated at $504.9 billion annually. Israel is considered a minor player in this market as the top fifteen countries are responsible for 72.4% of the total exports. Our refined petroleum exports make up 0.92% of the country’s total annual exports, with this market expected to grow as soon as Israel begins to tap into the natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean sea over the next few years.


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