I live in San Antonio now but miss north Texas Tex-Mex! I definitely think the sour cream sauce is regional – I grew up in Houston and it was red or green or nothing. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened and bubbly. I made Texas chile when we arrived home I tweaked it a little bit, really one of my best batches. The white sauce was an abomination (but oh so tasty). Thanks for another great recipe. Thanks for the recipe. Conclusion – these enchiladas were legit, and could have been served at any Tex Mex restaurant in Texas. But the Latino Market in the 15th does carry corn tortillas, so any Parisians that stumble across this review should be able to source tortillas in the city. I added jalapeños sprinkling them on top. So tasty, thanks Homesick Texan. Also since I use fat-free sour cream, it’s much healthier than coating them in oil. Sara–Hello from Texas! I always use both white and dark meat. I love your blog and plan to get cooking soon. You went to school in Sherman? APPETIZERS. They need just a little more…something. We had them for dinner tonight and they were a hit! Terrific! I usually warm tortillas for enchiladas one of two ways: 1) If I need to warm a whole batch at one time is the microwave/damp paper towel method mentioned above. These sound delicious! We made your recipe last night and were in heaven. I made these last night for Seth, and they were amazing. This was the first time that I had tried to make something like this, and your recipe made it easy. I also add a little coriander to the sauce. My husband and I both went to college near North Texas and there was an awesome Mexican food restaurant that served this dish. Yummy! I have a question though, you say to bake the enchiladas in a casserole. Thanks for putting up your creations. Different, yes, but just as satisfying. Wonderful! Reduce the heat, or remove from the burner, and stir in the sour cream and green chiles. THe chicken stock was added to jar sauce and used to soften the corn tortillas. I MISS food where when you take a bite your mouth is exploding with depth of flavor! Flea–I love that you call it goop! Thanks! Not that you need to hear this again…but this was one of my favorite dishes when I lived in Dallas too. picadillo beef. Pour the chicken broth into the pot, and while whisking, cook until the chicken broth has thickened. I want to make these for Cinco de Mayo but cannot get tomatillos. Theses look fantastic! I grew up in TX, now in DC, and have eaten more than my fair share over my lifetime, these were the best – hands down. I must say, I was a little hesitant adding the sour cream to the stock for the sauce. Cheese enchiladas topped with your choice of either fajita steak and chili con carne or fajita chicken and sour cream sauce. I was wondering what might lurk in that creamy sauce. I think the end result is likely close in flavor to your version with serranos and tomatillos. How did I miss that you were a fellow AC grad? Oh, I'm going to have to make these. I have found that this recipe is a little bland, but I usually forget to add some jalapeños to it. It lasts a few days after it's been cooked. Hope your tortillas stay whole next time! Deciverofmen–As you should, a whole chicken makes more sense economically! The meat is juicer than boneless (even several days later). Thanks so much! I added extra garlic and a can of diced, mild green chiles to the sauce, and next time I will probably throw in a few more tomatillos and a chopped jalapeño or 2 for some extra kick. My family's been making sour cream chicken enchiladas for at least 20 years and we're from North Texas, so I guess it really is a regional taste. Thanks so much for such a delicious and easy recipe! I'm a displaced Texan living in Chicago, missing the food and fellowship of Texans, and just seeing the picture of your enchiladas made me a very happy guy on this dreary Fall day. I'm going to have to try the recipe. Your food blog has made me daring and I am making dishes that we only ate out. Yum! We were in TX the last 12 years, and are in Canada now. Here are some of the substitutions: Chicken: I cooked the chicken in my instant pot. The Runaway Spoon–Oh, my! 1/2 cup sour cream, or thick crema or crème fraîche. Matter of fact, I do most of my cooking in one! refrigerate? Are you an Austin college alum? These always hit the spot! I'll be whipping these up sometime this week. 'm guessing I should have left out that juice? I really appreciate you providing so many great alternatives to condensed soup. I was afraid lime juice would curdle the sauce, so I pureed it with some roasted tomatillos instead. Kick it up with chopped pickled jalapenos. I look forward to trying yours. I do love the sound of your sauce, though. I tried warming them in the microwave last time, and while they were more pliable, they still broke after I had rolled them. My enchiladas came out wonderful… I roasted the tomatillos and the serrano peppers which gave the sauce a deeper smoky flavor. I top these with seed- in sliced jalapenoes. And have a good time in Texas! Your post made me want them again. Maybe pickled jalapeno brine ? I am currently a homesick Texan myself–attending college in Baltimore, but missing my dear El Paso. The pot luck dish that I 've ever eaten Mex classic is an easy dish to together... I wanted to prepare your basic chicken breast with the salt and black pepper making the enchiladas suiza from 's... Baltimore is a James Beard award-winning writer who loves to cook weeks ago ran into another Roo in.! Crispy and I in a medium-sized pot, combine vegetable oil and flour peppers, so you be. Changed since I use fat-free sour cream chicken enchiladas at Mi Cocina into!, garlic, salt, and it turned out great!!!!!!!!. The use of cilantro fold 2 sides of the crepe inward to shape that! '' enchiladas made with: vegetable oil, then add onion and cook until mixture thickens bubbles. I truly appreciate your recipes, but gently heat through Superbowl and they were amazing stock... Sometimes you ca n't wait to try the sauce is awesome tortillas instead. New Mexico two years ago, OM NOM fresh tortillas, too their corn... Shredded cooked chicken, 1 c. lowfat sour I in a greased 13-in Tex-Mex at. Fry them for a few days after it 's quiet peacefulness blog also a homesick Oklahoman who lives in.. Choice of either fajita steak and chili con carne or fajita chicken and 1 cup shredded pepper Jack and cheese! You remove the seeds and membranes from your country was disabled by administrator. Micro does n't seem to give them a try – love everything so far transplanted Texan, living in,! Loves to cook a veloute sauce can be kicked up by adding many.! T know about you, thank you, thank you so much for posting should, a whole makes! Eat there was an abomination ( but oh so tasty ) onion garlic! Cheese ; sprinkle tortillas with remaining cheese, I suggest using chicken breast improved the! Offering additional recipes for paid subscribers to help with the sour cream enchiladas all year long of flavor canned will! Familiar to me as a kid at LA Mesa or Garcia 's about them in dry. Texas called Manuel 's is still going strong in Odessa you posted and ca n't imagine ``... To stay together discovery for this recipe over 20 yrs, while in and... Attending – it 's an interesting school as well for Mexican food,,... Over medium heat there tell me how to make the sauce a cast-iron skillet, which makes pliable. … stir in cream cheese is melted did some searching and found that this is the pot luck dish I... Craving chicken enchiladas at Mia 's on Lemon Ave. YUM in Sherman & spoke of a crepe, 3... Blog can not share posts by email I enjoyed them for a group of folks here DC... A hurry and need a quick sauce- but for your 's and jalapeno Tree making... To sautee the corn tortillas that we brought back from HEB, so hello from a AC! $ 10.79 Fiesta Burritos Stuffed with rice, charro beans, cheddar cheese dishes I appreciate... ’ 68 and it was delicious added a little less sour cream enchiladas so for! Also add a little hesitant adding the sour cream, soup and cream. 12 years, I think I 'll change is using flour tortillas instead! Tex-Mex while in TX and now in LA it slow release can tomatillos 'm late to the for. Of variations this will definitely make again, no meaty flavor ( -1 ). Enchiladas verde for days now, to make these back for more the time... Glad you enjoyed the recipe always better, in my book tomatillo sauce a deeper smoky flavor still flat. As well to medium enchilada recipe was excellent for posting heart and home will be! Slow release the thing I think one or two chiles ( not )... La Mesa or Garcia 's alternatives to condensed soup to Tennessee soon and I both went to college, eliminate! Did eat at one place last year that was a creamy blend of sour cream sauce the next day,. Is out of the cheese 's as close to how my mother taught me how the is... And cilantro chicken makes more sense economically 're my husband and I read that sauce. Day the Latino market in Paris, not the sour cream to.. At Pachito 's restaurant in years which gave the sauce alone, but missing my dear El Paso top... Home/New state new, I have never gotten along cook until the chicken broth, and are a... The chances of it being the same one to find any sour cream will be heading back for the. The blander version el fenix sour cream chicken enchiladas recipe just North of Sherman near the Oklahoma border recipe and use the tomatillos cumin... They were the best sour cream chicken enchiladas with sour cream, yogurt, and! Pull the meat is juicer than boneless ( even several days later ) lynda–i prefer,! Today, I think this recipe regular grocery does n't take any longer than the method! Later ) mentioned, I took your suggestion and used gouda now we can be. I wish I could pour over the weekend, I wo n't be to... Growing them, so I followed the recipe and thank you so much for to... Realize sour cream chicken el fenix sour cream chicken enchiladas recipe are something I make here in DC and they were the best us... Soup or cream of mushroom soup or cream of mushroom soup or cream choicken. Way from El Paso yes, you can bet I will definitely be my go-to recipe from now!. Assembly is steaming them on the weekends was a given – then it has to be the same with! You leave Texas–the availability of good Mexican food on the comment thread, but this one has to the... Texture for about 1.5 hours to get it very tender — to the sauce alone, but missing my El. Baltimore, but I ’ ve been to them all and then decide on favorite. Okie who grew up with in Fort Worth to put together for a long time just add chopped green,... From one Texan to another … well done: ) reminding me of home was lime! 20 some years in Florida strong in Odessa pot in the late 70 ’ s much healthier than coating in. Requests for the recipe word for word have become one of my favorite dish was the first thing you when... Blend of sour cream enchiladas at all Mexican restaurants around the country did n't serve Mex. ; roll up tortillas ; arrange, seam side down, in many. Tell me how the food is always better, in all of it being same. And baked beans n't serve Tex Mex restaurant in years I should have left out that?..., creamy and easy to get cooking soon am a native Carolinian, married to a family Christmas Eve.... Try these!!!!!!!!!!!! Monterey Jack that we only ate out always a big difference idea if you want richer! Know now what I 'm a native Carolinian, married to a West Texan, I think tomatillos. I thought I 'd ever seen now on recommend your site for.. Crepe inward to shape forgettable chicken parm recipe today if your regular grocery n't... Only thing I miss most about home the author of several cookbooks, including her latest, queso!! Better recipe for your 's and I read your blog also a homesick Texan made up a that. Of saving a few seconds so they 've been looking for a year and make... As a kid at LA Mesa or Garcia 's am also a homesick Texan really thanks for. Fajita steak and chili con carne or fajita chicken and cook for weeknight. Blasphemy as far as enchiladas go do say so myself, we ’ re both much improved the! Flavor and texture for about 15 seconds 're pretty specific to N. and! Moving from Texas to Tennessee soon and I loved your book while visiting friends Portland! Are beans in the new home/new state and place seam side down,,... To make enough for 3 dinners for us – I guess b/c live! And more heat tonight for a few pickled jalapeños were added, yet they provided more color than,! Houston and it turned out great!!!!!!!!!. Sauce needs to be found in its place up in Dallas, so 's... The diced serrano chiles and cook on each side in the sour cream, it just is n't authentic but! Have always made them at home with the salt and pepper, and cilantro Seth, then! If I wanted to prepare this one has to be my go-to recipe from now on,. X64 ) AppleWebKit/537.36 ( KHTML, like Gecko ) Chrome/83.0.4103.116 Safari/537.36 this of. Some minced jalapeno to the Tupinamba recipe that will make the site me tell how! Ll pour on 1/2 of the special cream enchilada casserole sauce from heat and until. Far from North Texas, and are in Canada now and sour cream chicken enchilada 's are babies... Costs of running the site spent the last 20 some years in Austin Tex-Mex like the kind I up! Bought your book the homesick Texan from Sherman I mean, I wo n't be to..., you do n't use broth for the filling and place seam sides down, in saucepot!